Reader Response

"Just such a wonderful blog. Thank you very much. You capture just so much of the healthy and "normal" aspects of ANR. You have such a feminine and gentle spirit..."

"You are truly a blessing. Your beautiful blog has helped us so much in our marriage! You are a gifted and compassionate writer. God bless..."

"You are a safe sounding board for those of us who need it..."

"You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside..."
---Cherry Pepper

"Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and for allowing us all a small glimpse into the truly special relationship you and your husband have forged. I cannot express in words how much my heart swells when I read about the bond between the two of you. Your posts warm my heart and give me hope that a loving ANR is in my future. Please keep sharing your beautiful story with us!"

"You seem seem like a friend..."

"You are a comfort--and an inspiration to others..."

"After listening to your podcast, I realize that I am not alone..."

"Hi! I loved reading your blog and knowing that my husband and I are not alone..."

"Dear Milk Maid, I Love your articles, and would love to find a partner to share a loving ANR with!"

"Thanks for your non-fetish approach. I am a man who enjoys my wife's breasts as a part of our committed relationship it is always something she has willingly given me, not an ANR per se, but the openness for me to enjoy..."

"I just wanted to say I love your website and I'm looking forward to your podcast. I listened in to your podcast with Candice and Katie and thought you did a great job of explaining how married Christian couples approach ANR and all of the benefits..."

"You are such a doll! Every time I read one of your blog posts, I smile. God bless you and Mr. S!"
--Ruth J.

"Hello, I found your blog listening to a podcast about ANR and was inspired by how you both seek to honor God in your nursing. I have read almost everything you have to offer and am so inspired..."

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