Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Art of Lactation

I write for words I cannot speak
fill my spirit, give it wings,
and set my heart at rest.
Like rushing waters never stilled,
and endless climes and moonlit skies,
O, my soul is well!

Jennifer Elisabeth Maiden

I recently completed my first side project, The Art of Lactation, a complete guide to the lactation process, geared toward the adult nursing couple, although I believe that any woman may find it helpful as she begins the process of making--and maintaining--a fabulous supply of breast milk.

This book is meant to be used alongside the articles found on Bountiful Fruits (http://www.bountifulfruits.com),   and my original blog, and includes previously unpublished information and content.

Inside The Art of Lactation, readers will find information on:
the lactation process
anatomy of a woman
categories of milk
lactogenesis (the supply and demand process)
the let-down reflex
the proper latch
adult nursing positions
the nursing schedule
three common way to induce lactation
power pumping and how to use a TENS Unit
10 of the most commonly used herbs to aid in lactation
nursing tinctures and teas (what they are, where to purchase them, and how to make your own)
25 super foods to increase lactation
and much more!

From The Art of Lactation:


When I stop to consider the events that have transpired in my life, it sometimes feels that I was born a milk maid. My personal journey into the land of lactation where the breast milk flows as sweetly as liquid gold began well over 14 years ago when, quite by chance, my husband, known affectionately as Mr. S, and I stumbled upon the beautifully mystifying world of the adult nursing relationship, an exquisite experience that I now share with others through my website, Bountiful Fruits, where I advocate and educate others on this unique--and quite private--lifestyle choice as "The Loving Milk Maid" or simply "LMM".

Over the years, as I have joyfully nursed three happy and healthy children--and one extremely content husband--I have learned a great deal about the art of lactation, and hope to share my knowledge with others who dream of sharing the beloved gift of breast milk with their  loving partner...

If you have not yet done so, I hope you'll visit my website and blog!