Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Inside The Art of Lactation: Part II

The Art of Lactation is divided into four sections so readers can easily reference information as they embark upon the incredible journey of making--and maintaining--a fabulous supply of breast milk.

Part II, "Methods of Making Milk" includes:

The Flexible 30-Day Nursing Schedule
Lactation Technique #1: The Art of Suckling
Lactation Technique #2: Manual Stimulation
Lactation Technique #3: Breast Pump Stimulation
Lactation Technique #4: TENS Unit Stimulation
Power Pumping
Areola Massage to Aid in Lactation
Breast Compressions to Encourage Milk Flow While Nursing

Following the conclusion, an afterword from The Loving Milk Maid, readers will also discover valuable resource links to help them along their way.

For more information on ANR and nursing, please visit BOUNTIFUL FRUITS